Goal #2: Optimize Care Quality and Efficiency

A major issue addressed in the National Alzheimer’s Plan is the optimization and improvement of the quality of Alzheimer’s care.

Currently the plan provides for $2 million will be used to educate health care providers about Alzheimer’s disease through Geriatric Education Centers. An additional $4 million has been included in the fiscal year 2013 budget request. The federal government is also tasked with creating and marketing a clearinghouse of dementia care curricula and practice recommendations for providers across the care continuum. And, new training materials on high-quality, person-centered care for individuals with Alzheimer’s will be available for the nursing home workforce.

Other improvements will focus on new approaches to coordinating care, the development of models of care for those transitioning from one care setting to another and identifying barriers to long-term services for those with younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

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